International Conference "Role and functions of Bioethics Committees” - 23 November 2012

An International Conference, promoted by the National Bioethics Committee on "Role and Functions of Bioethics Committees", was held at the “Sala Verde” of Palazzo Chigi. The meeting was opened by the President Prof. Paolo Francesco Casavola and Vice-chairs Profs. Lorenzo d'Avack and Laura Palazzani and was attended, among others, by the Minister of Health Prof. Renato Balduzzi, Prof. Peter Dabrock, Vice-Chair of the Committee of Germany, Prof. Patrick Gaudray, a member of the Committee of France, Prof. Jonathan Montgomery, Chair of the Nuffield Council in England, Prof. Julian Kinderlerer (President of the EGE) and the Chair of the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO, Prof. Stefano Semplici.

During the Conference, a warm welcoming remark of the President of the Council of Ministers who applauded the initiative “which provided an answer to a timely question: the role and functions of Bioethics Committees a few decades after their first appearance on the European stage”, was read out to the participants of the meeting.

The Minister Balduzzi emphasized the “important role” that the National Bioethics Committee has gained over the years. He also recalled the Committee’s role in advising both the Government and the Parliament on relevant issues and that it represents a ''a cohesive element of our Country''.

At the end of the meeting, Professor Palazzani, Vice-Chair of the NBC and member of the EGE, expressed her gratitude to the speakers for their remarkable lectures, looking forward to future common initiatives.

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