The meetings in Trento - 23-24 October 2014

The members of ICB had a meeting on bioethics with the students at the University of Trento and a meeting with the local population, regarding beginning and end-of-life issues

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On Thursday 23 October two meetings were held in Trento with the members of the Italian Committee for Bioethics.

MEETING WITH STUDENTS – At 14:30 in the Faculty of Law, there was a meeting with the students of the University, who crowded the Great Hall and another connected room to discuss about a variety of current issues with the experts of the Italian Committee for Bioethics. The Committee’s visit to the University of Trento provided an opportunity to listen to experts of medicine and research, on beginning and end-of- life issues. This made for an intense afternoon at the Faculty of Law.The meeting opened with the questions the students asked the Committee members regarding the current meaning of "second nature"; the impact of the economic crisis on the right to health; the contribution made by cognitive sciences to communicating with people in a vegetative state. In addition to: medically assisted procreation and embryo exchange; ethical problems posed by psychiatry and mental health and the phenomenon of "Wrongful life", that is, tort cases arising from unwanted birth. The welcome addresses were given by the Director of the Faculty of Law Giuseppe Nesi and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Trento Paolo Collini. The dialogue was coordinated by Laura Palazzani, vice-president of the Italian Committee for Bioethics and Carlo Casonato, professor of the University of Trento, in charge of the Biolaw scientific project and member of the Committee. The other members of the Committee  participating in the discussion were Salvatore Amato, Luisella Battaglia, Stefano Canestrari, Cinzia Caporale, Bruno Dallapiccola, Antonio Da Re, Carlo Flamigni, Paola Frati, Silvio Garattini, Marianna Gensabella, Assunta Morresi, Demetrio Neri, Andrea Nicolussi, Monica Toraldo Di Francia, Giancarlo Umani Ronchi, Grazia Zuffa, Carla Bernasconi and Rosaria Conte.


At the end of the question time with the students, the fifth edition 2014 Prize was awarded, for theses on bioethics and biolaw issues, organised by the Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of Trento
The first prize was won by Giulia Cavaliere, a graduate in Philosophy and Literature- Philosophy and Modern languages, with the thesis topic “Eugenics: from ideological 'curse' to ethical evaluation”. The first prize was established in memory of professor Ferdinando Rossi, component of the Committee for a short time before his death last January. The second prize went to Giulia Tomasoni, a law graduate, whose thesis topic was “Informed consent in the field of paediatrics”.

MEETING WITH THE PUBLIC – The Italian Bioethics Committee also met with the public in the same prestigious setting of The Trent University to discuss the issue “Clinical research and treatment today”. The third part of this meeting began with a welcoming address both from Carlo Casonato, and the Dean Daria de Pretis, and from Donata Borgonovo Re, the Assessor for health and social welfare of the autonomous Province of Trento. Laura Palazzani introduced the report “Medicines myth and reality” by Silvio Garattini, director of the Mario Negri Institute and member of the Italian Bioethics Committee, who also presented a short film.

At the end of this intense day, a round table took place on "Clinical research and treatment today: ethics, rights, and responsibility" moderated by Cinzia Caporale and Carlo Flamigni with the participation of Bruno Dallapiccola, Demetrio Neri, Stefano Canestrari and Assunta Morresi. A reflection on bioethical issues that arise in the field of life sciences, on what it means to do research today and on the characteristics of contemporary medicine. Concluding remarks were entrusted to Laura Palazzani.


Videos of the meetings available at: 

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