ICB-CNBBSV Joint Group

This section reports the common activities regarding some specific issues of the so-called "JOINT GROUP", composed by members of the Italian Committee for Bioethics and the National Committee for Biosecurity, Biotechnology and Life Sciences.

Joint Opinion - Developments of robotics and roboethics

abstract .pdf -complete text.pdf

17 July 2017



  • Genetic testing and insurance - 20 October 2008
    (abstract) (complete text) (.pdf)

  • Collection of biological samples for research purposes: informed consent - 16 February 2009
     (abstract) (complete text)(.pdf) 

  • Genetic susceptibility testing and personalized medicine - 15 July 2010
     (abstract) (complete text)(.pdf) 

  • Long-Term  storage of residual dot blot spots from neonatal screening - 16 July 2010
    (abstract) (complete text) (.pdf)


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