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Covid-19 Vaccines and migrants 19 April 2022
Institutional communication within pandemic: bioethical aspects 17 March 2022
Bioethical Reflections on Covid-19 vaccines in children aged 5-11 years 18 February 2022
Vulnerability and care in community welfare. The role of the ethical space for a public debate 10 December 2021
Determination of death by cardio-circulatory criteria and “controlled donation”: ethical and legal aspects 9 December 2021
Covid-19 Vaccines and Adolescents 29 July 2021
The role of Bioethics Experts in Ethics Committees 28 May 2021
Vaccine passport, Certificate and Green pass, within the Covid-19 pandemic: bioethical aspects 30 April 2021
Vaccines and Covid-19: ethical aspects on research, cost and distribution 27 November 2020
Covid-19 and children: from birth to school age 23 October 2020
Biomedical research for novel therapeutic treatments within the Covid-19 Pandemic: ethical issues 22 October 2020
Covid-19: public health, individual freedom, social solidarity 28 May 2020
Covid 19: clinical decision-making in conditions of resource shortage and the “pandemic emergency triage” criterion 8 April 2020
Bioethical reflections on medically assisted suicide 18 July 2019
Mental health and psychiatric care in prisons 22 March 2019
Preservation of anonymity of donor and recipient in the transplantation of organs 27 September 2018
On the ethicality of the use of the drug triptorelin in the treatment of adolescents with gender dysphoria (Response to a query submitted by AIFA) 13 July 2018
On the use of organs from anti-HCV-positive and HCV-RNA positive donors for transplantation in anti-HCV negative patients (Response to a query submitted by the National Transplant Centre of the National Institute of Health) 12 July 2018
Caring for persons with mental illness: some bioethical issues 21 September 2017
Migration and health 23 June 2017
Clinical Ethics Committees 31 March 2017
Ethical Issues in gene-editing using Crispr/Cas9 23 February 2017
A call for safeguarding the National Health Service 26 January 2017
Information and communication technologies and big data: bioethical issues 25 November 2016
Managing “Incidental Findings” in genomic investigations with new technology platforms 17 March 2016
Deep and continuous palliative sedation in the imminence of death 29 January 2016
Mobile health apps: bioethical aspects 28 May 2015
The bioethical implications of medical restraints 23 April 2015
Single patient care and non-validated treatments (the so-called "compassionate use") 25 February 2015
Bioethical considerations for involuntary exchange of embryos 11 July 2014
Dementia and Alzheimer disease: ethical issues 20 June 2014
Pediatric biobanks 11 April 2014
Lifestyles and health protection 20 March 2014
Concerning bioethical issues raised by Article 13, Law No. 96 of August 6, 2013, “Criteria in view of a Governmental Decree for the fulfillment of Directive 2010/63/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of September 22, 2010” 24 January 2014
Health “within prison walls" 27 September 2013
Intensive care unit "open" to family visits 24 July 2013
Conjoined twins and separation surgery: bioethical aspetcs 19 July 2013
Illegal trafficking of human organs from living donors 23 May 2013
Mental disability in developing age and autism 19 April 2013
Body donation for scientific research 19 April 2013
Neuroscience and pharmacological cognitive enhancement: bioethical aspects 22 February 2013
Human rights, medical ethics and enhancement technologies in military contexts 22 February 2013
Clinical trials in adult or minor patients who are unable to give informed consent in emergency situations 28 September 2012
Food animal production and animal welfare 28 September 2012
On the communication of the National Health System to patients on the costs of health services 28 September 2012
Conscientious objection and bioethics 12 July 2012
Bioethical aspects of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery 21 June 2012
Orphan drugs for persons affected by rare diseases 25 November 2011
Knowing one’s biological origins in heterologous medically assisted procreation 25 November 2011
Pharmacological trials in developing countries 27 May 2011
Note on the pharmacist's conscientious objection to the sale of emergency contraceptive products 25 February 2011
Neuroscience and human experimentation: bioethical problems 17 December 2010
The identification of the human body: bioethical aspects of biometrics 26 November 2010
The improper use of placebo 29 October 2010
Bioethics and education in schools 16 October 2010
The living conditions of women in the third and fourth age: bioethical aspects of social health care 16 July 2010
Prison, suicide and autolesionism 25 June 2010
Criteria for ascertaining death 24 June 2010
Secrecy in drug regulatory system procedures 28 May 2010
Kydney donation from a living donor to a stranger (so-called samaritan donation) 23 April 2010
Ethics, sport and doping 25 March 2010
Minor's sexual differentiation disorders: bioethical aspects 25 February 2010
Alternative methods, ethics committees and conscientious objection to animal testing 18 December 2009
Chimeras and hybrids, with specific attention to cytoplasmic hybrids 26 June 2009
Bioethical problems in clinical trials with non-inferiority design 24 April 2009
Pharmacological trials on women 28 November 2008
Conscious refusal and renunciation of healthcare in the patient-doctor relationship 24 October 2008
Premature infants. Bioethical notes 29 February 2008
The destiny of embryos resulting from medically assisted procreation (MAP) and not complying with the conditions for implantation 26 October 2007
Nanosciences and nanotechnologies 9 June 2006
Biobanks and research on human biological material 9 June 2006
Conflict of interest in biomedical research and clinical practice 8 June 2006
Caudectomy and conchectomy 5 May 2006
Ethics, health and new information technologies 21 April 2006
From pharmacogenetics to pharmacogenomics 21 April 2006
Bioethics and rehabilitation 17 March 2006
Differentiated alimentation and interculturalism 17 March 2006
Bioethics and the rights of the elderly 20 January 2006
Assistance to pregnant women and post-partum depression 16 December 2005
Adoption for the birth of criopreserved and residual embryos obtained by medically assisted procreation MAP 18 November 2005
Bioethical problems concerning the use of animals in activities linked to human health and well-being 21 October 2005
Nourishment and hydration of patients in persistent vegetative state 30 September 2005
Bioethical remarks on the so-called “ootides” 15 July 2005
Bioethics in dentistry 24 June 2005
Opinion on “the cellular therapy of Huntington's disease through the implantation of foetal neurons 20 May 2005
Alternative medicine and the problem of informed consent 18 March 2005
The use for research purposes of cell lines h1 and h9 deriving from human embryos 16 July 2004
Precautionary principle: bioethical philosophical and legal aspects 18 June 2004
Note on emergency contraception 28 May 2004
Advanced treatment statements 18 December 2003
Ritual slaughtering and animal suffering 19 September 2003
Researches using human embryos and stem cells 11 April 2003
Tobacco use 21 March 2003
Opinion on the draft protocol on human genetics 6 March 2002
Aims, risks and limits of medicine 14 December 2001
Ethical and juridical considerations on the use of biotechnologies 30 November 2001
Bioethics and veterinary science, animal well-being and human health 30 November 2001
Guidelines for Ethics Committees in Italy 13 November 2001
Violent acts, media and children 25 May 2001
Bioethical guidelines for equal access to healthcare 25 May 2001
Pain therapy: bioethical guidelines 30 March 2001
Psychiatry and mental health: bioethical guidelines 24 November 2000
Therapeutic use of stem cells 27 October 2000
Impiego terapeutico delle cellule staminali 27 October 2000
Protection of human embryo and foetus. Opinion of the ICB on the preliminary draft protocol of the Bioethics Committee of the Council of Europe 31 March 2000
ICB statement on the patentability of human embryonic cells 25 February 2000
ICB opinion on the European protocol on biomedical research 19 November 1999
Bioethical guidelines for genetic testing 19 November 1999
ICB opinion on the proposal for a moratorium on human xenotransplantation clinical trials 19 November 1999
Statement on the children's right to a non-polluted environment 24 September 1999
ICB opinion on the Council of Europe White Paper on the treatment of mentally-ill patients 24 September 1999
The bioethical issue of non voluntary sterilization 20 November 1998
Circumcision: bioethics outline 25 September 1998
Youth suicide as a bioethical problem 17 July 1998
Ethics, health care system and resources 17 July 1998
Pregnancy and childbirth from the bioethical standpoint 17 April 1998
Bioethical issues in a multiethnic society 16 January 1998
The bioethical problem of the kidney transplant from a non-blood related living donor 17 October 1997
Cloning 17 October 1997
Childhood and the environment 18 July 1997
Animal testing and health of living beings 8 July 1997
Ethics Committees in Italy: recent issues 18 April 1997
ICB opinions on the “Convention for the protection of human rights and biomedicine” Council of Europe and on the “Preliminary draft of the universal declaration on the human genome and human rights” UNESCO 21 February 1997
Identity and status of the human embryo 22 June 1996
The anencephalic infant and organ donation 21 June 1996
Coming to life 15 December 1995
Ethical aspects of electroconvulsive therapy 22 September 1995
Vaccinations 22 September 1995
Bioethics and the environment 21 September 1995
End-of-life issues in bioethics 14 July 1995
Medically assisted fertilization – Documents by the National Bioethics Committee 17 February 1995
Medically assisted procreation techniques. Synthesis and conclusions 17 June 1994
Human genome project 18 March 1994
Bioethics with childhood 22 January 1994
Organ transplants in childhood 21 January 1994
Report on the patentability of living organisms 19 November 1993
Drug experimentation 17 November 1992
Prenatal diagnosis 20 July 1992
Information and consent related to medical acts 18 July 1992
Ethics committees 27 February 1992
Organ donation for transplantation purposes 7 October 1991
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