About the Committee


The Italian Committee for Bioethics (ICB) was established by a decree signed by the President of the Council of Ministers on 28 March 1990 with the task of expressing opinions, and also for the purpose of preparing legislative acts, to address the ethical and legal problems that may arise as a result of the progress in scientific research and technological applications on life.

On the web-site the opinions and the motions approved by the Committee, are available. 

The ICB establishes and maintains relations at European and International levels.


The Committee in the words of its founder

«The Committee has to remain a high, impartial and scientific centre of bioethical culture, sensitive antenna, to the signals of society (national and international) but also an indipendent moment of multidisciplinary and organic reflection.

Certainly not an exclusive area of reflection of the Country, but open to broader partnership with all those expertise and experiences which can positively contribute to the flourishing of the bioethical culture».

             Adriano Bompiani, Founder and First President of ICB


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